For your convenience, and to efficiently and rationally use the materials offered by Domko OOD while maintaining high quality, we have teamed up with Profiko OOD to offer you the following installation services:

-Wallpaper installation;
-Installation of carpets, carpet underlayment, carpet tiles and carpet bases;
-Installation of linoleum;
-Installation of PVC-based, professional floor finishes;
-Installation of floor finishes for sporting activities;
-Installation of laminated flooring;
-Installation of solid-wood flooring;
-Installation of PVC and MDF baseboards;
-Installation of transition trim pieces;
-Installation of curtain rails.

Click here to see the installation prices by Profiko OOD for Domko OOD customers.

If you wish to use any of the services offered by Profiko, please call 02/879 12 15, extension 118,

Zorka Dimitrova /Coordinator/ - mob. 0888 800 468 - email:

Filip Kolev /Technical Manager/ - mob. 0886 190 309 - email:

Slavi Dimitrov /Manager/ - mob. 0885 205 300 - email:

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