081002001 Neon Yellow Crystal-Finish


081002001 Neon Yellow Crystal-Finish


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Art. №: 440025

Collection: Crystal-Finish

Brand: Decotric

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      Use:Crystal-Finish is a high-grade, acrylate-based decorative effect coating with real glass beads. Suitable for wall and ceiling coatings to wallpaper, paint, masonry, plaster, polystyrene and virtually all other interior surfaces.

      Substrate preparation: Substrate shall be dry, solid, strong and free from adhesion-impairing substances (e.g. dust, mould oil). Re-move badly adhering coatings, wallpaper and loose plas-ter. Repair holes and cracks. Pretreat highly absorbent, friable and chalking substrates with Deeply Penetrating Primer. Use a pigmented primer to even out colour differences. Smooth renovation nonwoven offers ideal substrate.

      Application: Crystal-Finish is supplied ready-for-use and can be ap-plied by brush, working crosswise. Application in several coats is possible. For customized colours, Crystal-Finish Pearl can be tinted with max. 10% concentrated colorant, available in a variety of colour shades. In case of different batches of same colour, these shall be mixed together prior to application. After application, allow to dry for approx. 8 hours. Do not use at substrate and room temperatures below +5 °C. Wash tools with water immediately after use.

      Technical data:
      Raw material base:
      Polymer dispersion, water, glass beads, fillers, pigments and additives
      Density:1.4 g/cm³
      pH value:8.5 - 9.5
      Drying time: Approx. 8 - 12 hours

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