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Wall murals

How to create individuality and unique atmosphere into the room? What do you think about wall murals? Let's see what their advantages are! We'll also provide you with some useful tips for installing them.

How to apply wall murals:

  • Step one: Prepare the wall properly. The surface for applying the mural should be smooth and even, without any irregularities or holes. If there are any, they should be filled beforehand. It is important to ensure that there are no traces of previous wallpapers or loose paint. The wall should be clean and dry to allow the adhesive to adhere firmly.
  • Step two: Prepare the adhesive. Wall murals require a specific adhesive that is not too thick or runny.
  • Step three: Start applying the mural from the center, both on the mural itself and on the wall. Draw vertical and horizontal lines to use as guides. Avoid starting from the corners to prevent potential distortion of the image if the corners are not perfectly aligned.
  • Step four: Apply adhesive to each section, including the edges. Start by applying the adhesive to the central elements and then proceed to the ones on both sides. It is recommended to overlap them by about 2 cm. Use a special tool to remove any trapped air bubbles.

When are wall murals a good solution?

Wall murals are an interesting idea for both homes and villas. They give each room its own character.
It is important to choose an image that perfectly matches your interior design concept and harmonizes with the overall decor. It is also crucial that the visual style aligns with your aesthetic taste since you will be observing it for a long time. It should create a positive mood and bring joy.

Depending on the image, you can use wall murals in children's rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. If you apply them in the hallway, they can create an interesting optical illusion of expanding the space.
You have the flexibility to decide where to place them. You can choose to cover a wall, but you can also consider using them on the ceiling. If they are the right size, you can even apply them to doors.
Wall murals are also a wonderful idea for establishments such as restaurants or cafes. They can help create an artistic, unconventional, and memorable atmosphere.

What types and sizes are available?

How many pieces

Wall murals usually come in multiple panels, typically 4 or 8.

What sizes

Sizes may vary depending on whether you prefer the wall mural to cover the entire wall (or ceiling) or just a specific area. You can choose models ranging from 100x200cm to 900x280cm.


What image would best suit the design of the room you plan to decorate? The choice is extensive. Here, you will find wall murals featuring animals, flowers, nature landscapes, cities, graffiti, and many more options.

Why order from Domko?

Durability, density, longevity, and beautiful design - these are the key characteristics that our customers seek in wall murals. That's why it's important for us to offer products of proven high quality in this section. This is also the reason why we collaborate with Komar Products KG - the brand whose wallpapers set the standard for quality in the industry. Domko is the exclusive representative of this brand on the Bulgarian market. You will find their offerings in a wide variety of designs and colors.
The prices are affordable, and many of our offerings come with promotional discounts. You can experience the quality of our attractive products in any of our physical stores across the country.
Our complete catalog with dozens of designs awaits you on our online store, On our website, you can browse through all the wall mural options and take your time to choose. Online, you can also find practical advice in our helpful section and explore all the current discounts in our special category. You can order the beautiful wall murals with delivery to any point in Bulgaria.

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