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What are insulating wallpapers used for? What types are available, and how do we choose? Check out a few helpful tips from Domko!

What is the function of insulating wallpapers?

Insulating wallpapers, as the name suggests, are an extremely practical, cost-effective, and easy-to-apply method for internal insulation. They eliminate the need for installing panels or special transportation. They are available in rolls, and the wallpaper itself is elastic and easy to apply.
It is important to clarify that insulating wallpapers are suitable only for indoor use and are not recommended for exterior facades. They are suitable for walls and ceilings and are applied using adhesive.
Their insulating properties will help you maintain a warmer interior during winter and a cooler environment during summer. Additionally, they have soundproofing qualities, ensuring that urban noise does not disturb the occupants of the living or office space.
Another valuable advantage is that they even out wall defects, providing a perfect surface for subsequent treatment and application of the final finish, such as decorative wallpapers, latex, and others. Discreetly hidden beneath them, they contribute to creating a healthy climate in the room.

What types are available?

  • Thermoroll - Provides a perfectly smooth and even coverage for walls and ceilings. The laminated insulating rolls are available in two options: 3mm thickness and 5mm thickness. They are made of expanded polystyrene foam and can prevent condensation formation.
  • Thermotap - The non-laminated wallpaper also evens out the wall surface and serves as an ideal base for further treatment. It provides quality thermal insulation and is available in 4mm thickness.
  • Thermoreflex - This model, in addition to the styrofoam layer, features an aluminum coating. It has a thickness of 3mm. It is suitable for installation behind heating devices as the aluminum helps reflect heat and retain it in the room.

Why order from Domko?

For over 20 years, the Domko chain of stores has been a loyal ally to thousands of customers in every endeavor related to the mission of the "Perfect Home." With us, you will find everything you need for renovation and finishing works, furnishing, and decoration.
The wall coverings we offer are from leading brands with proven quality and efficiency. You can expect both insulation solutions that will help ensure comfort in your spaces and aesthetic decorative models that will create a cozy and stylish atmosphere.
You can explore our catalog offers either in person at one of the physical Domko stores in dozens of cities across the country or online at Don't miss out on taking advantage of attractive promotional prices!

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