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Interior paints

The color of the walls in every room is one of the determining factors that are crucial for the style, mood, aesthetics, and comfort of the space. What interior paints could you use to bring your ideas to life? See what we offer at Domko!

Types of interior paints available:

Satin finishes:

Their soft sheen blends well in stylish homes as well as elegant establishments, shops, and more. The high quality and stability of these interior paints make them suitable for both interior and exterior walls.

Washable paints:

A very practical option that allows for excellent maintenance. It is used for both interior and exterior purposes. It is preferred in homes where children reside, as walls often need repainting after their mischief. However, with washable coatings, only cleaning is required.

Breathable paints:

This type of coating allows the walls to breathe and prevents moisture retention. They are suitable for application on all types of plaster.

Decorative paints:

Here, the options provide a wide range of possibilities for implementing bold ideas. Interior decorative paints with effects can impress with metallic sheen or an uneven surface containing quartz sand. These sandy coatings allow you to transform walls from mere background to active participants in the attractive design of the room. These particle-based coatings are also known for their durability and resistance. Depending on their shine, they go well with golden, silver, or metallic elements in the furnishings.

How to choose the color:

This is one of the most crucial decisions you face when planning a renovation. The color of the walls primarily depends on your personal preferences and sensibility, but it's important to consider other factors as well.

Keep in mind that in rooms with insufficient natural light, it would be wise to opt for lighter interior paints. They make the atmosphere brighter and more pleasant. Additionally, light shades are suitable for small spaces as they visually enlarge them and create the illusion of higher walls.

If you desire a calming atmosphere, focus on pastel shades of green, blue, purple, and other cool colors. Keep in mind that warm colors like red, orange, and others are active colors that stimulate physical and mental activity as well as communication. They are usually recommended for rooms like the kitchen and living room.

As for the classic white, according to experts, it is a universal solution: neutral, suitable for any combination, synonymous with cleanliness and innocence. It creates a sense of spaciousness and vitality.

Types you will find in the section:

From the Crystal Finish collection. Interior paints with a decorative effect - glass pearls.
Easyclean. Water-based formula allowing for easy cleaning. It has the highest resistance against stains. These paints are suitable for walls, ceilings, wood, and metal surfaces. They have a matte finish.
With perfect coverage. For most types of interior paints, one coat is sufficient.

Why order from Domko?

Renovating your home is always an ambitious undertaking, where we invest all our love and aim to achieve perfect harmony between beauty, comfort, and convenience.
Furnishing or renovating a workspace (store, office, establishment) leads you to strive for a stylish environment that incorporates the latest interior trends with excellent functionality and practicality of the space.
Regardless of whether the planned renovation is for your home, villa, or office, the budget is always of great importance. The optimal solution is to create an aesthetically pleasing and practical design affordably. And it is completely achievable. Two elements are needed for this: fresh ideas and good prices. You will find both with us!
Domko is a chain of stores that has been presenting products from leading European companies on the Bulgarian market for over 20 years. Discover top quality and contemporary interior trends online at!

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