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What is the function of styrofoam cornices? Learn more about it and discover how to use and install them.

What do they represent?

Styrofoam cornices are decorative elements that are usually installed along the length of the room's corners, between the walls and the ceiling. Their purpose is to give a finished look to the space and make it appear more sophisticated and beautiful.

They are available in various sizes and styles. The variety allows you to choose the right design that matches your interior style.

It is important to consider the width of the profiles in relation to the height of the rooms. For high ceilings, you can choose styrofoam cornices with a width of up to 155 mm, while narrower models are suitable for lower rooms.

The curves of the walls are most noticeable at the transition with the ceiling. This is another advantage of styrofoam cornices – they can help conceal certain imperfections.

What to know about the installation

The installation process starts with measuring and preparing the profiles. Their ends are cut to the required length. To ensure a tight fit between individual elements where they meet at a corner, the cornice is cut at a 45-degree angle, and where they meet in a straight line, it is cut at a right angle.
The adhesive is applied as a thin strip along the edges of the cornice, where it will make contact with the wall/ceiling. Each element is then glued and pressed firmly against the wall until securely attached.
After installing all the styrofoam decorative elements, any excess adhesive on the edges is cleaned off with a damp sponge.
It's important to note that the profiles are installed after the walls and ceilings are fully prepared (filled, painted, or wallpapered). However, if you plan to have these styrofoam accessories in the same color as the background, the gluing can take place after priming, followed by painting the walls and cornices.

What types of styrofoam cornices will you find in the section?

  • We offer profiles with widths ranging from 20mm to 155mm. Their length is 2 meters.
  • With a protruding profile.
  • With a concave profile.
  • With a sleek design.
  • With ornaments.
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