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Self-adhesive film What are the uses of self-adhesive film? How can you take advantage of its benefits? What do you need to know about its application? Here are a few tips and suggestions from Domko!

What are the applications of self-adhesive film?

Self-adhesive film is a practical solution for many interior challenges. You can use it for a complete transformation of the appearance of furniture, as well as doors and other elements. Another interesting and affordable option is using it for the kitchen backsplash.
It is also a perfect way to cover up defects. With damaged surfaces or scratches, self-adhesive film allows you to turn the flaw into an attractive feature.
Another application is on glass. By choosing the right design, you can turn glass into a partition, an artistic panel, and more. It is also very practical for mirrors. With mirror-like patterns, you can visually expand the space.
It can also be used on walls. It adheres directly to them and serves as a waterproof covering.
Self-adhesive films are widely used in advertising as well. They can be used to attach promotional signs, logos, and images to various surfaces. The only requirement is that the surfaces are perfectly smooth.

How to apply it

Achieving excellent results when using film largely depends on its proper application. You should proceed with caution and make the most of the advantages of the self-adhesive coating.
It is important, before starting the application, to clean the surface onto which you will be sticking it. The surface should be free of unevenness, grease, or moisture.
Next, measure and cut the necessary piece. Let it be slightly wider than the working area so that you can trim the excess without the risk of the piece falling short by a millimeter. If you are covering a wide surface, consider how the patterns of adjacent pieces will align.
Start the application from the top and work your way down. Remove the protective layer and gradually stick it centimeter by centimeter, using a plastic spatula to remove air bubbles from the center towards the edges. Once you're done, trim the excess pieces with a craft knife.

What types do we offer at Domko

  • Wood design: beech, walnut, chestnut, mahogany, and more;
  • Stone, marble, mosaic imitation;
  • Mirror self-adhesive film;
  • Solid colors: pink, blue, yellow, gray, orange, brown, green, and more;
  • Transparent with patterns;
  • 3D effect;
  • Art design;
  • Metallic effect;
  • Carbon fiber;
  • Width ranging from 45 to 90cm.
  • With the online store, you can order stylish products for your interior with delivery to any part of the country. Take advantage of the high-quality offers at great prices in our catalog!
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