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Style, convenience, aristocracy - these are the inherent characteristics of modern high-quality wallpapers. How to choose the right ones? Check out our guidelines!

Which are the best wallpapers?

Style, convenience, aristocracy - these are the inherent characteristics of modern high -quality wallpapers. How to choose the right ones? Check out our guidelines!
Which are the best wallpapers?
Wallpapers have numerous properties that make them a preferred wallcovering. They can be applied on various wall surfaces, create warmth, and bring atmosphere to the room. They also hide small imperfections on the walls. Different advantages of wallpapers can become decisive factors when making your choice.

  • Durable coating: One of the advantages of top offerings is if the design has a vinyl or PVC coating. This allows for easy cleaning. Additionally, it can create the effect of mosaic, tiles, fabric. Vinyl models have a lifespan of up to 10 years. They don't retain odors, are moisture-resistant, and have an antibacterial layer.
  • Another important characteristic that distinguishes premium models is the non-woven backing. Wallpapers with vlies backing are not only more durable but also allow the wall to breathe. The non-woven backing can come with or without any of the mentioned before coatings.
  • If you're looking for models with a luxurious and visually impressive appearance, you may consider some of the spectacular textile options, ones with velvet or metallic effects, fiberglass, grass or wood.
  • Perhaps the leading factor for you is the price? In that case, one of the suitable options for your search would be some of the paper-based models. Their advantage, in addition to being cost-effective, is their eco-friendliness. Among the collections of paper wallpapers, you can also find colorful, glamourous, and embossed types.
  • Consider their resistance. Pay attention to the special symbols added to the description of each type. Some wallpapers are resistant to light dampness, others to washing, while some are highly waterproof and can withstand cleaning with a cleaning solution and brush. In terms of light resistance, pay attention to the sun symbol. Half, full, plus, or two suns indicate the degrees of resistance to sunlight without fading.

Hanging instructions:

Applying wallpapers is a task that is usually within the capabilities of DIY enthusiasts. However, to achieve optimal results, it is important to follow a few important steps.

Preparation is key - remove the old layer of wallpaper and prime the walls. Prepare a dry and smooth surface where you will apply the adhesive to the back of the wallpaper. Choose the adhesive according to the type of wallpaper you have selected and dilute it as per the instructions.

When measuring the height of the wall, add an extra 10 cm before cutting the necessary piece.

Before sticking the first strip, draw a vertical line as a reference point for where to place it. Use a level to ensure that each subsequent piece is also vertical, following the alignment of the first one. Always match the patterns to the previously applied piece.

Start pasting from the top and work your way down. If there is any air trapped under the wallpaper, use a cloth or a special tool to push it out from the inside.

Why should we trust Domko?

Domko offers high quality wallpapers for the bedroom, living room, hallway, kitchen, children's room, and bathroom, all of which can be found in their catalog. Each room has its specific requirements, and Domko has provided a variety of suitable products for different areas. With thousands of models from over two hundred collections, they offer numerous options for the appearance of your home. Whether you prefer textured or solid colors, vibrant or pastel shades, floral patterns, vintage designs, 3D visual effects, or wallpapers that play with the dimensions of the room and create effects of marble, leather, brick, stone, or wood, Domko has trendy and modern offerings that will provide you with ideas and inspire you for the most interesting interior design.

You can explore their attractive offers in the online store at Domko.com. Expect promotional prices and a vast selection.


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